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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I determine if a building permit is needed?

Can I start to move in or store furniture my house before the certificate of occupancy is issued?

When will the power company be notified to turn on my power?

Where can I get a copy of my certificate of occupancy?

When is a licensed contractor required?

What happens if a person fails to obtain the proper permits, licenses and inspections?

How do I determine what costs to include on my building permit?

When does a permit expire?

Do I need a permit to replace a deck or add a new deck to my house?

I want to cover and enclose my existing deck, do I need a permit?

Where do I go to get a permit?

When is a building inspection required?

Where can I obtain a copy of the Building Code?

How do I request an inspection?

What is a Certificate of Occupancy, and how do I obtain one?

Do I need a permit to finish or remodel my upstairs or basement?

Am I required to obtain a permit for a fence?

I am trying to sell the house as a 4-bedroom but the previous owner added a fourth bedroom without permits. What is the process and requirements to correct this?

Do I need a permit for a storage shed?

Do I need a building permit to install a pool? Am I required to put a fence around it?

How do I hook up to public water and/or sewer service?

How do I get a “Perk Test” or septic system site evaluation/permit?

How do I get a permit to set up a mobile home?

How do I get a sign permit?

I run a business out of my home. Am I required to comply with the commercial codes?

How do I verify that a contractor is licensed in the State of NC?